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Every monetary donation deposited into the account of our foundation helps us achieve our statutory goals.

Throughout the year, you can make a donation directly to the Foundation’s account at PKO BP Bank account number: 2210 2052 4200 0020 0205 603 370 with the title: „Donation for statutory purposes”.

Did you know that all donations are eligible for tax deductions: for individuals, the limit is 6% of income, for legal entities, the limit is 10% of income.

Making a payment directly to the Foundation’s account allows you to take advantage of the „tax relief for donations” when settling income tax. In the transfer title, please write „Donation for statutory purposes”. Then, when settling with the tax office, simply fill in the appropriate sections of the PIT-37, PIT-36, or PIT-28 form and attach the PIT/O attachment. Please keep the payment confirmation.

Thank you for supporting us! According to the principles of the „Women’s Power” Foundation, all donations go towards statutory purposes. Would you like to find out what specific activities your donation will support? Write to us!