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About us

The “Power of Women” Foundation

Our story

The foundation established in May 2022 as a result of the outbreak of war. With the help of the dumpling-making initiative, we were able to unite about 100 women and children the war in Ukraine.

Behind the work and joint action, we see the problems that women face in a foreign country. This is why our foundation was created.

The most important projects of February 24, 2022 are the organization of a movement of volunteers to help refugees from Ukraine.

The first project was the creation of an open dumplings shop, in which over 100 women, Ukrainian and Polish, as well as women of other nationalities who came from Ukraine, participated. Products for making dumplings were provided free of charge by entrepreneurs from Wrocław, and all income from the sale of Ukrainian dumplings was intended to help refugees from Ukraine.

The second project is to provide social assistance to women with children who came from Ukraine during the period of adaptation in another country in a stressful situation, namely: psychological assistance, information assistance, medical counseling, legal advice, assistance in looking for an apartment, humanitarian assistance sent to Ukraine.

The third is to provide support for people aged 40+. Integration meetings are aimed at people aged 40+, with an emphasis on seniors. Each meeting, once a month, is combined with a guest performance by musicians representing various musical styles, referring in their work to Polish and Ukrainian traditions. Each meeting is attended by 15 to 40 people.

The fourth project is the organization of the annual international Vyshyvanka festival in an open area, which involves about 200 people from national minorities. During the festival, we present costumes, folk songs and dances, and handicraft workshops.